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Hi everyone and welcome! I’m here to introduce our new podcast presentations. These podcasts will offer informative topics intended to provide you, our participants, more assistance in workplace safety, administrative policy and managing your work comp coverage. More importantly it is an opportunity to introduce and get to know our safety staff if haven’t already. We understand how busy everyone’s schedule can be, so we’ll be striving to keep each presentation short and simple. We are planning to have monthly presentations, plus more as the current affairs in our construction industry change. As we move forward we plan on bringing in guest speakers and subject matter experts as provide firsthand information as needed.

After listening to one of our podcasts, we know you may have questions and may need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to call, and speak to one of our professional staff members at 505-345-3477. Whether it is a question related directly to safety or our available safety trainings, questions related to a worker’s comp claim or questions related to your billing statement there is nobody in our state more qualified to help you with your questions.

We will have more exciting services coming to our participants as we strive to be part of your team.

Again, our phone number is 505-345-3477 and visit our website at

Thank you and be safe!

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Short, simple information on safety, administrative policy, workers compensation, and current affairs. Listen to our first episode to learn more about what to expect from our BT Podcasts.

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