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Builders Trust has a wide selection of FREE construction specific, Safety Training Videos in both English and Spanish. Topics range from: Fall Protection, Field Safety, Commitment to Safety, Ladder Safety, Electrical Safety and many more

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“Builders Trust continually works with Cooper Fire Protection to create a zero loss work place. The services they provide, such as training, site visits, and consultation, are the best in the business. They truly want our company to be healthy, safe and accident free.”
Ireke Cooper
Participant Since 1987
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  • Nail-Gun Safety

    | by NIOSH

    STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT NAIL-GUN SAFETY Nail Gun Trigger Safety Nail Gun Use...

  • Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes

    | by OSHA - NHTSA - NETS

    Guidelines for Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes Every 12 minutes someone dies in a motor vehicle crash, every 10 seconds an injury occurs and every 5 seconds a crash occurs...

  • Report All Accidents

    | by Builders Trust

    Find out Why it is Important to Report all Claims. And its not just because of the potential for penalties.

  • 2021 Officer Limitations

    1 January, 2020 |

    Each year the State of New Mexico revises the officer/owner payroll limitations, impacting the cost of workers’ compensation coverage for company owners and officers.

  • NCCI Split Point Changes

    | by NCCI

    NCCI has implemented new split points. How will it impact your Experience Modifier?

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    CURRENT EDITION Your quarterly newsletter source for updated information on news impacting the workers' compensation industry.