BLUEPRINTS: Third Quarter Edition 2018

Builders Trust is pleased to announce that our average manual rate will be decreasing by 10% for 2019! While the cost of running a business continues to increase, it is nice to know that Builders Trust is working on your behalf to help offset this trend by reducing one of your operating costs ‐ your workers’ compensation premium. Individual premiums for each Participant will vary based on individual discounts, payroll and losses which all impact premium.

Currently Participants receive an average discount of over 40% off of our manual rates and some with discounts over 70%. Based on the 10% weighted average reduction, we are projecting an esƟmated savings in premium to Participants in 2019 of over $2 million dollars. While not all class codes are decreasing and a few are receiving an increase, some class codes are actually receiving decreases of over 20%.

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In this edition:

Short, simple information on safety, administrative policy, workers compensation, and current affairs. Listen to our first episode to learn more about what to expect from our BT Podcasts.

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