BLUEPRINTS: Second Quarter Edition 2019

A crew starts the day with a quick tailgate meeting about the tasks that need to be completed, followed by a quick review of safety tips, and then off to work. Most days the job gets done, and everyone goes home safely. However, sometimes accidents happen and sometimes people get hurt on the job.

When someone is hurt on the job, it takes a team effort during the recovery process to help the injured worker get back on his feet and to gainful employment. It requires that the employer make certain the injured worker receives needed urgent care. The carrier needs to provide timely benefits and covering reasonable and necessary medical care. It also takes the worker following the health care provider’s treatment plan and participating in their own recovery. And finally, when it is possible and safe to do so, it takes the parties working together to get the worker back to work, within restrictions, as soon as possible. Early Return To Work is a win-win for everyone. The worker can return to their normal pay and the employer gets a productive employee back on the job. The recovery process tends to be more complete and timely, the sooner a worker is able to return to work. When everyone does their part, the system works. Here is a story about a real worker who suffered an accidental injury on the job. In this case, everyone did what needed to be done and he was able to return to work. Out of respect for his privacy, we will call him Bob.

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Short, simple information on safety, administrative policy, workers compensation, and current affairs. Listen to our first episode to learn more about what to expect from our BT Podcasts.

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