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Service Center Department

Dedicated to delivering prompt, accurate and courteous service to Participant/Owners and Agents.

We like to think that although we are ‘High-Tech’, we are also ‘High-Touch’. This means that we’re not so big that we can’t pick up the phone and deliver that one on one level of personal service our Participant/Owners and Agents have come to expect and deserve of us.



 Processing Monthly Payroll Reports

 Mailing of Quarterly Loss Runs

 Billing of Audit Invoices

 Collection of Past Due Accounts

 Processing of Address and Phone # Changes

 Billing and Account Inquiries & Status

 Scheduling of Field Safety Visits

 Annual Billing of CPO Invoices

 Questions Pertaining to BT PAL Usage

 Maintain Safety Video Library


A Certificate of Insurance may be obtained by contacting your agent. If you need their contact information please call the Service Center Department at 1-800-640-3369 or 505-345-3477 for assistance.

Call Builders Trust and speak with the Audit Manager. He will discuss with you the scope of work being preformed to ensure that it is properly classified and then request an endorsement to your policy so that the class code can start being used. If you try to force it into an existing class code you may be either over paying or under paying as a result.

Of course you are more than welcome to call and verify receipt of payment anytime, but you can also verify the most recent and up to date account information by signing on to Builders Trust Online program - BT PAL.

We would be glad to walk you through the process of completing the form. Just call the Service Center Department at 1-800-640-3369 or 505-345-3477 for assistance.

A friendly email reminder is sent out to ensure payment is received by the 15th, that so you can take advantage of our 2.5% Prompt Pay Discount.

VP Policy Administration


Doug oversees the operations of the Service Center Department; he is also responsible for Builders Trust’s marketing efforts with Participants, Agents and local HBAs. Doug also publishes the quarterly newsletter in an effort to ensure timely information is disseminated to Participants, Agents and HBAs. Maintaining a close and mutually beneficial relationship with the local home builder associations is a core value that Builders Trust embraces and as liaison between the nine locals throughout the state, Doug works in conjunction with the Executive Officers to coordinate sponsorship opportunities on the local level.

We Are New Mexico's Leader In Construction Safety Training

10 Hour OSHA

30 Hour OSHA

1st Aid

Defensive Driving Fall Protection

Confined Spaces

Respiratory Safety Excavation & Trenching Safety


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