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Premium Audit

What is an Audit?

An audit is an independent examination of information and documents needed to verify that each Participant is correctly classified and that their premiums are properly determined. Builders Trust has established a working relationship with several Independent Premium Audit Consultants or PAC's. This group of professionals will be responsible for contacting and visiting you to complete the audit. In addition, Builders Trust employs an in-house Premium Audit Manager who is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding audit questions and disputes. This individual is also responsible for conducting audits as well as reviewing and processing all of the final audits. Some Participants may be scheduled for a telephone audit instead of a physical visit. When the telephone audit is scheduled, you will be asked to FAX or mail specific documents to Builders Trust to help us complete your audit successfully.


Heather Kaupa is the Builders Trust Premium Audit Department manager.  Heather’s background includes extensive construction industry experience as well as many years of experience within the insurance industry.  Heather is charged with managing our Premium Audit Consultants (PACs) who are located across the state.  Further, it is Heather’s job to ensure you receive a quality audit in a timely manner. 

Being prepared at audit time.

Being prepared for an audit will save you valuable time. Being prepared means that you have gathered all the necessary documents together before the audit appointment.

Download your Audit Guide here!

When you are contacted for an appointment the auditor will review the records they would like to have available to complete the audit.

 Payroll Journal

 Individual Earnings records W-2's and 1099's

Quarterly SUTA & 941 Reports

 General Ledger

 Cash Disbursements Journal

 Check Register/cancelled checks

 Subcontractor Invoices

 Subcontractor Certificates of Insurance

Premium Audit Manager

Heather Kaupa

Builders Trust is very knowledgeable of how to assign NCCI classification codes as well as implement industry premium audit standards. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding class code usage or wish to address a premium audit issue, please don't hesitate to contact our Audit Department for assistance.

About Subcontractors

An individual contractor operating as a sole proprietor who has no employees is not required by New Mexico state statute to carry workers' compensation insurance on himself. This does not mean that he forfeits his right to receive benefits if he is injured while working for another contractor. By not obtaining his own insurance coverage, he merely transfers the obligation to the contractor that hires him and, ultimately, that contractor's insurance carrier. Since Builders Trust is responsible for providing benefits to anyone hired by a Participant either as an employee or as an uninsured subcontractor, we have the obligation to charge our Participants a premium to cover the expense of that coverage.

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